Facility & Equipment

The commitment, attitude, and extraordinary work skills of our craftsmen are at the core of Industrial Steel.  Our shop facility is over 70,000 square feet under roof.  Inside the shop are 2 each 20-ton, 4 each 10-ton, 4 each 5-ton and 1 each 2-ton overhead cranes.  Our modern, totally enclosed blast facility with a recovery system to recycle the steel shot and grit blast media enables our painters to provide a finished product which meets the quality and durability demanded of sophisticated coatings.  Our new Wheelabrator offers our customers the finest in steel cleaning.  We can fabricate, fit-check, and ship large structural assemblies reducing costly field connection and erection time.







Major Equipment

  • 200 Ton Shear 10 Foot Bed
  • 400 Ton Brake 12 Foot Bed
  • Controlled Automation 'Revolution' Coper
  • Controlled Automation Pro-Max Sensor Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Hemsaw Twin Column Horizontal Bandsaw with CNC Maneuvering Device
  • ISI Camber Machine with 2 each 250-Ton Rams
  • Peddinghaus FPB-1500B
  • US Filter/Wheelabrator 8 Turbine Cabinet Enclosed Blast Machine
  • Whitney 5 Press CNC Beamline 100 Ton
  • Whitney 845D CNC Angleline

Controlled Automation's Revolution Coper At Work

Tube Cutting Beam Holes Cut


Machine Features

  • Material cutting window:   48" x 24"
  • Cutting process:
    Plasma and Oxy-fuel 2 tools standard with automatic tool change
  • Plasma gas control:  Automatic
  • Oxy-fuel gas control:   Automatic
  • Scribing / Marking: 
    plasma (standard) / inkjet marker (optional)
  • Maximum plasma thickness:  2 inch
  • Maximum oxy-fuel thickness:  6 inch
  • Maximum material weight:  1,000lb per foot
  • Controller:
    Windows 7 w/ SICAM software with DSTV download
  • Machine footprint:
    10 ' x 11'
  • Approximate machine  weight:
    16,000 lbs
  • Measuring system:      Following probe (standard) Highly accurate precision rack & pinion push probe system
  • Weld prep bevel degree:
    +/- 45 degree (plasma)
    +/- 60 degree (oxy-fuel)