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Industrial Steel maintains a philosophy of providing a detailing service focused on quality, providing on-schedule and under budget projects.  Quality is maintained by staying current on all A.I.S.C., A.S.T.M., and A.W.S, I.B.C and other common industry codes and specifications.  Maintaining a commitment to the newest and best use of technology - Industrial Steel can provide three dimensional modeling on all projects.  This has minimized error and double entry throughout our production process and allowed better control over the projects budget.

Project Management
Industrial Steel takes tremendous pride in our Project Management team.  We strive to go above and beyond our customer's expectations by being team players, trustworthy, proactive and purpose driven.  We use these standards to create success for our clients and ourselves.  We are committed to continually improving procedures, practices, and the value of our service to our customers.  From beginning to end - Industrial Steel provides the project management support to make any project a success.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Having started the journey into the three dimensional world, Industrial Steel understands the accuracy and commitment it takes to manage and maintain a true working model.  Industrial Steel is capable of sharing our structural steel detailing models with a variety of other BIM and three dimensional modeling software packages.

Connection Design
Connections are a critical part of every structural steel project.  Our ability to work closely with the project engineer of record ensures complete confidence in structural integrity of all delegated connection design.  Our broad knowledge and use of technology allows us to design an unlimited range of connection design solutions accurately and efficiently.  From project beginning to end - Industrial Steel provides the engineering support to make any project a success.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
Steel is North America's most recycled material;  an attribute which makes it an obvious choice for construction projects aiming to achieve LEED recognition.  Structural steel has on average over 90 % recycled content, and nearly 100 % of structural steel beams and plates used in construction are recycled into new products.  Not only can Industrial Steel help the project team attain LEED credits for Recycled Content, but in many cases contribute to credits for Regional Materials as well.  Industrial Steel will help ensure that no opportunity is overlooked.

Project Delivery Method
Whether Design Bid, Design Assist or Design Build - Industrial Steel has extensive experience in all three phases and our team remains committed to providing customer service and quality to assure a successful project.

Value Engineering
Value engineering is an important concept in the structural market today.  Industrial Steel takes great pride in the relationships built with its clients in this area.  We are able to work with the client's design team during the early planning stages of a project to offer consultation regarding the optimization of design, fabrication and erection costs.  This type of involvement yields reduced project cost and accelerated project schedules.

Structural / Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication
As one of Florida's largest structural steel fabricators, we have access to a wide range of resources for our clients and projects.  Industrial Steel utilizes the latest high-tech machinery and cutting edge computer driven processes.  The most important component of our fabrication capacity is the over 65 highly skilled employees working at our facility.  Our employees are committed craftsmen whose skills, knowledge, and passion are expressed in our products.

Erection Structural / Miscellaneous Metals
Industrial Steel has always provided its clients with the precision and professionalism in steel erection.  Our Subcontract Steel Erectors takes great pride in being the driving force on the project;  often leading the way...filled with the most qualified personnel in the industry from seasoned supervision to journeymen connectors and certified welders.  No matter where the project is being erected you can be assured our team will provide a qualified craftsmen in every position, who conduct themselves as professionals, and show others by example how to be both productive and safe.  As with our fabrication, we can provide an AISC certified erector for having the experience, the procedures and the personnel in place to erect a quality project on time and on budget.


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